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Veggie Burger in North Vancouver


  • Cheese Burger $ 11.99

    Beef , Tomato, Pickle, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese, Special Sauce

  • Chicken Burger $ 11.99

    Crispy Chicken, Tomato, Lettuce, Swiss Cheese, Special Sauce

  • Ultimate Burger $ 18.99

    Beef Burger, Crispy Chicken, Deli, Tomato, Pickle, Green Pepper, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese, Mustard, Chipotle, Special Sauce

  • Royal Burger $ 15.99

    Beef Burger, Crispy Chicken, Tomato, Pickle, Green Pepper, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese, Mustard, Chipotle, Special Sauce

  • Veggie Burger $ 11.99

    Special Sauce, Chipotle, Mustard, Cheddar Cheese, Green Pepper, Lettuce, Tomato, Plant Based Burger,

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Veggie Burger North Vancouver

A veggie burger is a type of sandwich similar to a hamburger in which no meat or any animal food is used, and it is a meatless burger. Different formulas can be used for a veggie burger. Different veggie burger formulas generally include plant-based proteins such as soybean, wheat, wheat germ, fungi, and other grains. If you’re looking for a good veggie burger, stop searching the terms such as (veggie burger near me), (best veggie burger), and (vegetarian burger near me). Haida Sandwich is your only choice in North Vancouver! You can find the best veggie burger of North Vancouver in Haida Sandwich by just going to the Haida website and order your favourite best veggie burger online!


Veggie Burgers Near Me

You must hear a lot these days that your friends and relatives have become vegetarians, avoiding meat and any product related to animals. You may also be a top-notch vegetarian yourself, even paying attention to all ingredients in a burger to know whether they are made of vegetables or not before eating a burger. Vegetarianism is a healthy lifestyle and diet that is very beneficial to the body and reduces hypertension and heart attack. You might think that a vegetarian burger wouldn’t be as tasty as a meat burger, but this is not true. The point is, where do you get a vegetarian burger? If you search for veggie burger places in North Vancouver, one of the options is the Haida Sandwich, which specializes in making vegetarian burgers. And there is a special menu for a vegetarian or anyone who carves to have vegetarian food that includes several kinds of burgers, pizzas, and salads.


Veggie Burger Place Near Me

Vegetarians are more likely to choose a vegetarian restaurant or sandwich place to easily order their lunch or dinner when they want to, for example. If someone is a resident in North Vancouver and wants to order a vegetarian burger, they will search “veggie burger places in North Vancouver” and, after seeing the food menu, will register the order of their favourite food. Haida sandwich in North Vancouver and with branches in Toronto, Vancouver, and Richmond Hill, is ready to offer a variety of vegetarian foods to customers. Haida Sandwich makes vegetarian burgers in a specialized way, using purely vegetarian and quality ingredients. One of the advantages of Haida Sandwich is that you can have the vegetarian burger from the nearest branch of Haida to your home and your workplace after placing your order, as soon as possible.



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