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Vegetarian Restaurant Vancouver

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vegetarian dishes in Vancouver

Veggie restaurant in Vancouver has just gotten simpler and better with Haida Sandwich. From formal and corporate events to parties and gatherings, Haida Sandwich offers top-notch delivery services for every small to big occasion. Choose our convenient and fast delivery service and then just relax and enjoy the happy celebration.

You will be pleasantly surprised not just by the extraordinarily delicious food that we will deliver to you, but also by our exceptionally affordable prices. 

Our Vegetarian Offerings at The Restaurant

Have a look at our menu and check the variety of our vegetarian options.

Vegetarian Pizza

Veggie Pizza Sandwich

Veggie Burger

Cheese Pizza

Veggie Chips & Cheese

Fresh Salads

Our Vegetarian delivery Offerings

Vegetable Platter


Mushroom Ravioli

Tri-Color Tortellini

Fresh Salads


What People Say

A man

Michael Swanson

Yellow Rating Stars

The ingredients are generous, especially their signature sauce and lettuce, but also the meat and vegetables do not disappoint. I’m interested to see what their pizzas are like, and the new burgers they have – so I will be going back again to try more!

Smiling woman

Sanam S.

Yellow Rating Stars

I ordered their platters for my parties. I would just like to say a big thank to the manager and staff! Today most restaurants meals don’t look like their ads (neither the shape, nor the portion)! At Haida, your meal looks exactly the same they do in images!!

man on a hill

Cohen McHale-Fleming

Yellow Rating Stars

Haida Sandwich for our staff event, and it was great!
Delicious sandwiches, and even better prices. 
A special thank you to the team, they did an excellent job ensuring our whole team was well fed after a hard day’s work. Thank you!

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We Deliver

Order your favorite pizza & sandwich platters for delivery in Vancouver by just a click! Or on your mobile. We will deliver to your door! Haida sandwich Vancouver uses the most optimized ordering and delivery system that doesn’t cut corners to make sure your food will be there at your event on time.

Vegetarian Restaurant in Vancouver

Are you a vegetarian? Or do you prefer some of your meals to be prepared using fresh vegetables? Have you ever looked up phrases like “vegetarian restaurant Vancouver” or “vegetarian friendly restaurants Vancouver” on google or any other search engine of your choice? If so, this article introduces to you the best place in Vancouver where you can eat marvelous veggie items that can’t be found anywhere in Vancouver. For the people who are vegetarian, or simply care about their health and want some of the foods they eat to be made using fresh vegetables, finding a good vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver is important. Although the beautiful city of Vancouver is full of great places to eat, finding a place that its quality is always consistent is rather difficult. All the vegetarians want to find a place which they can really count on. The branches of Haida Sandwich and Haida Catering in the wonderful city of Vancouver are the places that you can always count on them to bring to you a delicious, healthy, and fresh veggie food.

Vegetarian Restaurants Near Me

We all want the place where we order food to be close to us. This way, the time that it takes for the restaurant to bring you the food decreases. Interestingly, you have to keep in mind that no matter where you are in Vancouver, the branches of Haida Sandwich and Haida Catering is always near to you. The fast delivery system of Haida has made it possible for the customers to have their food anywhere they want and anytime they prefer. Because of that, you can be assured that by ordering food from their website, you will be eating your food within some short minutes. If you are in a rush, try to use the delivery system of Haida Sandwich and Haida Catering. The speed will surprise you in a pleasant way. Next time you are searching “vegetarian restaurants near me now” keep in mind that Haida is the answer!

Best Veggie Restaurants Vancouver

If you want to have the best experience of eating, you must have searched phrases like “best restaurants with vegetarian options Toronto” on google or any other search engine. You may have wanted to eat vegetarian fast foods and have looked up “vegetarian fast food options”, “best vegetarian fast food”, or “fast food near me vegetarian”. In this case, you can be sure that ordering from the website of the branch of Haida Sandwich or Haida Catering in the wonderful city of Vancouver will make you happy. The owners of Haida Sandwich and Haida Catering merely care about the experience of customers and that’s why they try their best to prepare the best food possible.

Top Veggie Restaurants Vancouver

There are three factors that determine whether the quality of the food we are going to eat is good or not. The first factor is the healthiness of the food. We all want our food to be prepared in a way that makes it healthy. Nobody likes getting fat or sick because of eating food. The second one is the freshness of ingredients. And finally, the last one is the taste of the food. Everybody enjoys eating food which is super tasty, healthy, and made with fresh ingredients. All these three factors are available in the vegetarian food that Haida Sandwich and Haida Catering will bring to you. That’s why the branches of Haida Sandwich and Haida Catering are among the top vegetarian restaurants that are located in the beautiful city of Vancouver. If you want to order veggie food from this place, you just have to open their website on your browser and choose the food that you like. The fast delivery system of this place will bring you the food in the shortest possible time.

Vegetarian Fast Food Near Me

Fast food is a meal that is irreplaceable! It is super difficult to find someone who doesn’t enjoy fast food. However, one of the disadvantages of fast food is the fact that they are considered to be not healthy. That’s why nowadays some of the places that offer fast food are preparing it using fresh vegetables. In this way, both the vegetarians and the people who are not vegetarian but do care about their health can enjoy fast foods. The branches of Haida Sandwich and Haida Catering in the wonderful city of Vancouver are among these places. The fast-food they offer is super tasty and simultaneously healthy. Because of that, next time you are searching “fast food places with vegetarian options”, “fast food places with veggie burgers”, or “fast food vegetarian meals” on the Google or any other search engine of your choice, keep in mind that the branches of Haida Sandwich and Haida Catering in the beautiful city of Vancouver are the best results that are shown.

Fast food is an amazing meal. It can never disappoint you. No matter what time it is, or what is the mood of yours, you can be sure that a fast food item will make you really happy. If you are among fast food lovers and you prefer your fast food to be prepared using fresh ingredients, don’t forget to order your favorite vegetarian fast food from the website of Haida Sandwich or Haida Catering. The fast delivery system of this place will bring you the food as fast as possible. As was mentioned before, no matter what time is it, fast food is a good choice. If you want to try fast food as your breakfast, merely search for “vegetarian fast food breakfast” on google or any other search engine of your choice. Be sure that the best result that is indicated in the branches of Haida Sandwich and Haida Catering in the beautiful city of Vancouver. 


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Haida Catering

If you’re looking for best catering service in Vancouver, come to Haida Catering. We use only the freshest produce whether it’s for our giant party platters, tasty deli sandwiches or for our mouthwatering hot pizzas. 

So what service do you require? Is it a special birthday party catering in Vancouver? Corporate event catering in Vancouver? Or perhaps a catering service for a friendly gathering? Just relax and let Haida sandwich Vancouver handle the food part and you enjoy!

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