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We know what you’re thinking, “Which is the finest of the restaurants in Newmarket near me?” Well, you can stop worrying your pretty little head, because the best restaurant near you is at Haida Sandwich! Whether it’s the best pizzas or best sandwiches in Newmarket.

Since Haida Sandwich is one of the best restaurants in Newmarket, our gourmet delicacies are the talk of the town. Dine in with your friends and family, or order your food online for delivery or takeout. Take your pick!


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Holding parties, corporate lunch events as well as gatherings has never been this convenient. Let Haida Catering in Newmarket handle all of your events and you just focus on impressing your guests. Order online with a few clicks and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you are looking for the BEST places in the WONDERFUL city of Newmarket to taste MARVELOUS and DELICIOUS food, Haida Sandwich is the RIGHT answer! This place is one of the branches of the BIGGEST food franchise in the Middle-East and now you can taste the DELICIOUS food of this place in your hometown. You can host any of your INTIMATE gatherings here with their SPECIALIZED menu and REASONABLE prices.

There are many ways to ENJOY the TASTEFUL food of Haida Sandwich. You can check-in there and enjoy a meal by yourself or your family or friends. Or you can simply order your food online for delivery or take out. By using online methods, every meal in the Haida Sandwich is just a few clicks away from you.

Spending some time in the branch of Haida Sandwich in Newmarket is an experience you will NEVER forget!

Restaurant Places in Newmarket

The restaurant industry in North America has been providing people with DELICIOUS and MARVELOUS meals for more than a century! Now there are many restaurant places all across Canada that offer the customers a tasteful bite that can make their day. If you live in the BEAUTIFUL city of Newmarket, you are certainly in luck! Because you can visit the Tasty Restaurant of Haida Sandwich in your city and spend a wonderful time!

Restaurants Newmarket

In your opinion, what elements make a wonderful restaurant place? What factors do you consider before choosing a restaurant place to eat? This question has been asked by many people across the city of Newmarket, and in their opinion, a good restaurant should at least have these characteristics:

1- It should be accessible: a good restaurant is located somewhere that is usually that is easily accessible. Customers won’t typically travel to the countryside for a bag of fries.

2- Good service and polite staff: the waiters and other staff should know their job, meaning they should be efficient and able to advise customers on the best choices. The food must be served in a minimal way and the customer should be dealt with politely.

3- Reasonable cost: The restaurants may have very different price points, but the golden rule that every restaurant should comply with it is that every customer should feel that the money he or she has spent was fair and reasonable, even when it is kind of high.

4- Hospitable atmosphere: a successful restaurant surely provides the customers a relaxed, friendly, and clean atmosphere. For example, if music is played, the volume must be not so loud that customers cannot be able to talk. In one word, it could be said that a good restaurant is a place where customers feel totally at home.

Best Restaurant Newmarket

Considering these factors that were mentioned above, Haida Sandwich is one of the best restaurant places that you can find in Newmarket. It is easily accessible. Every food in this place is served in pretty huge portions and because of these huge portions, you will find the prices very reasonable. Any ingredient that builds an enjoyable, peaceful, and cozy experience of eating has been used in the interior design of this place and it is so cozy that you will find yourself totally in the home. Besides that, the staff here are all polite, efficient, and will serve you quickly with delicious food. You can be confident that they will listen to every request of you carefully and take care of it as soon as possible.

Restaurant Foods in Newmarket

Within the last few years, many Canadian customers have shown a growing interest in healthier food that incorporates more low-calorie ingredients and fresh products while remaining convenient, and affordable. One of the key elements that make a restaurant really distinguishable is the usage of fresh ingredients that makes the food healthy, affordable, and delicious. The branch of Haida Sandwich in Newmarket is one of the restaurant places in the wonderful city of Newmarket. You can be completely sure that the food that is offered here is prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients. In this place, a perfect equilibrium has been made between quality and speed.

Restaurant Newmarket

The branch of Haida Sandwich in the beautiful city of Newmarket is open on a 24-hour basis all the days of the week. So if the clock has passed over midnight and you feel really hungry, you can be confident that the Haida Sandwich is there for you! You just have to visit the Haida Sandwich website, check out the delicious menu of this place and order! After a few simple taps, the delicious and healthy food that you have ordered will be delivered to you in a really short time! So, the branch of Haida Sandwich in the Newmarket is 24/7 with you! So, don’t hesitate to order if you are hungry if it is past midnight!


What People Are Saying

Yellow Rating Stars

“Really nice!”

” Pizzas and hot sandwiches are really nice.
You can call them 10-15 in advance so they make it ready for you once you get there, which is really nice if you’re in rush or really hungry :-). “


Yellow Rating Stars

“Perfect quality”

” Great pizza and sandwiches, perfect quality and price, also
great customer service. I go to Haida whenever my body wants a high quality comfort food “


Yellow Rating Stars

“My favorite place”

” This is hands down my favorite place to enjoy a sandwich. I usually get the Haida hot sandwich and every time I have visited the quality is always the same! “

Matthew R.

Yellow Rating Stars


” The sandwiches are HUGE. I’ve ordered full size ones 3 times now, and each time they have ended up being more than one meal. (Considering I can eat more than 1 sub at a time from their competition, that is saying something!) “


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Proudly serving HALAL eaters community.

Haida Sandwich Newmarket is the ultimate destination for Halal eaters where they can find best halal food in Newmarket with large portions and at reasonable prices. In last eight years Haida gained an excellent reputation in HALAL community and Will continue it's halal food delivery in Newmarket.

Quick tip: If you look up phrases like "halal restaurant", "halal restaurants near me" or "halal food near me", you might find Haida Sandwich Halal as well.


101 Davis Dr, Newmarket, ON, L3Y 2M9, Canada

Monday – Thursday 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Friday and Saturday 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM

If you’re looking for a quick, delicious lunch or dinner or even a late-night snack, come to Haida Sandwich for the best sandwich and sub in  Newmarket. We use only the freshest meats and produce whether it’s for a tasty deli sandwich or for a mouthwatering hot pizza. Our subs, salads, and pizzas on our wide-ranging menu are made-to-order and contain only the highest quality ingredients.

Order a hearty sub today from Haida Sandwich. We are also one of the highest quality Halal restaurants in Newmarket.