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Looking for the best halal restaurant in Newmarket? Enjoy the best quality halal food in Newmarket at Haida Sandwich. Prepared using halal meat, our variety of pizzas and sandwiches are fulfilling and scrumptious. Whether you want to order food just for yourself, a group of friends, or for an entire party, Haida Sandwich provides food delivery and catering service to meet all your needs.

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Holding parties, corporate lunch events as well as gatherings has never been this convenient. Let Haida Catering in Newmarket handle all of your events and you just focus on impressing your guests. Order online with a few clicks and we’ll take care of the rest.

Halal Restaurant Newmarket

Halal food is some food that Muslims use. In preparing this kind of diet, some rules in the religion of Islam must be obeyed. For example, using the meat of forbidden animals (like dogs or pigs) is not allowed. Many restaurants and food franchises offer Halal food to satisfy Muslim people and attract them to their food as their customers in today’s world. Haida’s branch in the beautiful city of Newmarket is among the many franchises that offer Halal food to the customers.

The foods in Haida’s branch in Newmarket, from delicious pizzas to tasteful and healthy sandwiches, are all made with halal ingredients. So, if you are a Muslim or care about your food to be Halal, you can have the best Halal food found in Newmarket in Haida’s branch in the wonderful city of Newmarket.

If you prefer to maintain your Halal diet, you can visit Haida’s branch in the city of Newmarket or order the food online. All the ingredients used in preparing the meals in the Haida branch in Newmarket are Halal, healthy, fresh, and tasteful. You can be sure that we care deeply about your health, and that is the most important factor that we consider in preparing the foods we offer. Come by and visit!

Halal Restaurants Near Me

Today, you can find Halal restaurants anywhere on earth. Many of the biggest food franchises of the world offer Halal foods to their customers. Because of that, there are many Halal restaurants around you that you can have Halal foods in it. However, the best Halal food that you can have in Newmarket is the pizzas and sandwiches that the branch of Haida in the beautiful city of Newmarket offers. But before speaking more about Haida, let’s find out what kinds of food are considered Halal. It could be said that as long as the ingredients that have been used in making a portion of food are Halal, you can consider that food as Halal food. Here we have collected some examples of Halal food. You can add countless dishes to this list.

Pizza: a Halal pizza is a pizza that is made using vegetables or Halal meats. The Halal meats are the ones that are prepared from the animals that are slaughtered in the way that Islam has advised. The most interesting point is that new scientific researches show that Halal food is healthier. If you do not care about the Halal diet, you can use Halal meat to ensure that you eat something healthy.

Sandwich: just what we said about the pizza, a Halal sandwich is the one that has been made using vegetables or Halal meats. For example, the sandwiches made using bacon or pork are not allowed to eat in Islam.

Salads and vegetables: the Islam religion has no kind of restrictions about vegetables. Thus, all salads are considered Halal, and Muslims can eat all of them with no worries.

Halal Restaurants

As was mentioned before, many restaurants in the city of Newmarket and all over the world offer Halal foods. In these restaurants, the materials that have been used in preparing the dishes (like meat) are halal. This way, you can be sure that the meat you are eating has been prepared from Halal animals slaughtered in an Islamic way.

If you want to find the nearest Halal restaurant, you have to search phrases like “Halal restaurants near me” “Halal restaurants near me” in the search engine of your choice. But wait! Is the restaurant’s distance the only factor determining the place you want to go for a meal? For many people, the nearness is not the only reason to choose a restaurant. If you care about Halal food quality, you will eat, stay with us, and read the rest of this article.

Every restaurant doesn’t offer Halal food of high quality. Therefore, every customer needs to know which Halal restaurant offers the best Halal food that he or she can have in the city that he or she lives in. If you live in the awesome city of Newmarket, you deserve to have awesome Halal dishes for your meal! The Haida branch in the city of Newmarket offers the best Halal food that you can have in this city. All the Halal foods that are offered in this place are made by using fresh, healthy, and tasteful ingredients. This way, you can be sure that the food you are going to eat is healthy and simultaneously tasteful. If you care about your diet to be Halal, what is better than having Halal food, healthy and extremely delicious? In the branch of Haida in the city of Newmarket, you can have them all!

Halal Food Near Me

If you live in the city of Newmarket, you can have one of the best restaurants offered anywhere on the globe! Haida’s branch in the beautiful city of Newmarket is always there for you and ready and willing to serve every meal of you. The delicious food of Haida is even available in the late hours of the day! You can have a magnificent pizza or sandwich after midnight!

You can find Haida’s website by searching phrases like “Halal restaurants near me delivery,” “Halal fast-food Richmond hill,” on google. This issue shows that the quality of Haida’s food and the fast delivery system are top-rated.

The online delivery service of Haida can make the distances to disappear! Anywhere you are in Newmarket, you can visit the website of the branch of Haida in the beautiful city of Newmarket, choose the delicious Halal food that you like and wait a few short minutes for the food to be delivered. The delivery service is available 24/7, and you can have the delicious Halal food that you are willing to eat anytime and anywhere!

In summary, it could be said that the branch of Haida in the wonderful city of Newmarket offers everything that you expect from a great Halal restaurant. It uses Halal, fresh, healthy, and tasteful raw materials and ingredients in preparing the food. It has one of the fastest delivery systems available in the city of Newmarket. Therefore, you can have the healthiest and most delicious Halal food anytime you are willing to. The opening of Haida’s branch in Newmarket has made having Halal meal a lot more delicious, faster, and easier in Newmarket. Order and enjoy the delicious halal food that is going to be delivered to you!


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” Pizzas and hot sandwiches are really nice.
You can call them 10-15 in advance so they make it ready for you once you get there, which is really nice if you’re in rush or really hungry :-). “


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” Great pizza and sandwiches, perfect quality and price, also
great customer service. I go to Haida whenever my body wants a high quality comfort food “


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” This is hands down my favorite place to enjoy a sandwich. I usually get the Haida hot sandwich and every time I have visited the quality is always the same! “

Matthew R.

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” The sandwiches are HUGE. I’ve ordered full size ones 3 times now, and each time they have ended up being more than one meal. (Considering I can eat more than 1 sub at a time from their competition, that is saying something!) “


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It is now 8 years that we have been serving Halal eaters with the best quality halal food at the most competitive prices and large portions.


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If you’re looking for a quick, delicious lunch or dinner or even a late-night snack, come to Haida Sandwich for the best sandwich and sub in Newmarket. We use only the freshest meats and produce whether it’s for a tasty deli sandwich or for a mouthwatering hot pizza. Our subs, salads, and pizzas on our wide-ranging menu are made-to-order and contain only the highest quality ingredients.

Order a hearty sub today from Haida Sandwich. We are also one of the highest quality Halal restaurants in Newmarket.