Haida Sandwich is Offering the Top-Quality Halal Sandwiches in Toronto

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Halal Sandwiches

Do you love an authentic, delectable and a variety of halal food? Are you looking for the best halal restaurant in Toronto? If yes, then Haida Sandwich is a name you should take into consideration. Located in the beautiful location of Toronto, the restaurant is specialized in offering the highest quality and delicious halal sandwiches and pizzas at reasonable prices.

Whether it is about their cold-cut sandwiches, pizza sandwiches or oven-roasted sandwiches, all of them taste amazingly great to satisfy your craving for eating something different. You can choose Haida Sandwich to order your meal for morning appetite or evening snacks. When talking specifically about their cold-cut sandwiches, they offer Haida special, Lamb special, chicken special, chicken Mushroom etc. To maintain quality standards, they use fresh ingredients including chicken & lamb deli, lettuce, potato sticks, tomato, and some special sauces.

Besides this, you can also try their desserts offering, fresh juices, appetizers, and beverages. All in all, Haida is your one-stop restaurant to get multiple treats for yourself from morning to evening. If you are new in Toronto and looking for Halal Restaurants Near Me, then you should not leave the place without having a bite from Haida Sandwich. You may find some restaurants offering halal food, but Haida Sandwich comes second to none in terms of quality and taste.

Serving for the past 8 years, Haida Sandwich has gained a great reputation in the halal eaters’ community for delivering the best halal food in Toronto. Apart from this, they offer the best catering service in Toronto for your events. Whether it is your birthday party, bachelor party or you have invited your friends at home, they offer the most impressive, convenient, fresh, affordable and quick catering service to you. you can order for your preferred food platters for your guests. They named their platters as-

Haida Party Sandwich Platter: This platter comes with 15 portions that serve 7 to 9 people. The sandwiches made up of a variety of freshly baked bread having stuffing of top quality cold cut meats, topped and mixed with fresh veggies.

Haida Wraps Platter: It has 16 portions of whole wheat, white, pesto, sun-dried tomato wrap which is stuffed with fresh meats and fresh vegetables.

Haida Hot Sandwich Platter: This platter is also made up od freshly bread and vegetables but here you can have a choice for warm sandwiches such, beef sausage, pizza sandwich, hot beef, hot chicken, grilled chicken special etc.

Cold Cut Platter: In the cold cut platter, you have had a choice for the finest quality meats which include, beef, chicken, turkey, and mortadella.

You can also order catering for veggie cuts platter, fruit cuts platter and salad platter. With such a delicious array of platters, they offer free utensils, free drinks, and free delivery!! So get benefit from these remarkable halal food delivery and catering services offered by the halal restaurant in Toronto– Haida Sandwich!

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Mouth-watering sandwiches and pizzas in Toronto

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Haida sandwich is one of the best sandwiches in Toronto and one of the best pizzas in Toronto as well. A Persian chain restaurant that can be said is one of the biggest in the Middle East has opened its 2nd branch in Canada in North Vancouver too.

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