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Pizza in Vancouver

Order your favourite pizza in Vancouver by just a click! or on your mobile. We will deliver to your door! At Haida we offer tasty pizza for take-away & delivery. order now and you can also enjoy promotions.

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Pizza Vancouver

For several years, pizza was known as cheap fast food in Italy and had high popularity. History of pizza in Italy goes back to the eighteenth century. In the early twentieth century, Italian immigrants showed pizza in America. After World War II, thanks to the return of American soldiers who had already tasted the pizza in Italy, the demand had increased for this popular fast food. After a while, pizza conquered the food markets of the world. This popular Italian food found in almost every corner of the world. Vancouver did not dismiss this considerable wave, and today there are many best pizza places in Vancouver. If you want to have “good pizza in Vancouver”, you must find it in the Haida sandwich and enjoy the great taste.

Pizza Places in Vancouver

Today, pizza is not just a popular food, but it tends to be healthy cooking too. People think that pizza with fresh ingredients is more robust than other fast foods. It is true if we make sure that we use fresh and quality raw materials for making our pizza!

Quality and freshness of raw materials are always a priority for top pizza places in Vancouver. To eat the best pizza slice of Vancouver, you have to find the best pizza restaurants in Vancouver. Then we introduce one of the best pizza restaurants in Vancouver.

One of the best pizza restaurants in Vancouver, named Haida sandwich, is in that region too. Haida Sandwich, with the fast Delivery system, using fast and quality raw materials, has become one of the best pizza restaurants in North Vancouver.

Pizza Restaurants in Vancouver

Pizza healthiness depends on its ingredients. Nutritionists believe that using improper food, ‏ for example, indulge in pizza consumption is wrong, and if you use too much pizza then it became unhealthy food. Using a lot of cheese, sausages, and bread with undesirable thickness will not be proper for you.

Instead of thick slices of bread, you must use bread made from whole meal flour. n. Wholegrain, cause early satiety and help to reduce the risk of stroke and diabetes. The use of healthy ingredients such as chicken, Parmesan cheese, garlic, tomatoes, and mushrooms will provide a healthier pizza. The top pizza in Vancouver must be very healthy and nutritious.  Try the Haida pizza sandwich to understand all the features together!

Best Pizza in Vancouver in 2019

In your opinion, which place served the best pizza in Vancouver in 2019?

Find the best pizza in Vancouver depends on many factors; factors such as cleanliness, food quality, staff attitude, and fast delivery are all effective in the best pizza in Vancouver. Haida Sandwich, in 2019, regarding all of these issues, is classified as a good pizzeria in Vancouver.

Pizza Delivery in Vancouver

Haida is the Best Pizza Delivery in Vancouver that services in North Vancouver and West Vancouver. Many of Haida sandwich customers searched for terms such as “pizza delivery Vancouver near me,” “best pizza deals Vancouver,” “24-hour pizza delivery Vancouver”, and “pizza open late Vancouver” in google. After finding us, they became regular customers‏. It does not matter at what time of day if you live in Vancouver and have a pizza craving, we are together! Haida Sandwich, with the Best Pizza Delivery Systems in North of Vancouver, serves all customers in a short time.

Order Pizza in Vancouver

With the growth of technology and progress the Internet accessibility, everything becomes summarized in your phone! The food industry is not an exception. Today, fast-food ordering via the Internet is one of the most comprehensive issues around the world.

Pizza deals in Vancouver have vastly grown in recent years. It is enough for you to search phrases such as: “pizza near me Vancouver,” “24-hour pizza Vancouver”, “late-night pizza delivery Vancouver” Google and a long list will be shown from the pizzerias that have Pizza Delivery.

Haida sandwich with servicing in places like North Vancouver and West Vancouver is on the best palaces with online fast food. Simply visit the website, and you can order Haida sandwich online and wait for your food delivery.

24 Hour Pizza in Vancouver

Do you ever feel hungry after midnight? Or do you ever search for phrases such as “2 for 1 pizza Vancouver” and “pizza by the slice Vancouver” in Google? We are always next to you! Haida sandwich with an online ordering system is still ready to receive your orders! You can purchase online from anywhere in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and after ordering the food, you may wait for a little while then the food comes to your home!

Pizza Near Me in Vancouver

Sometimes you decide to go to a new restaurant, for ordering your food, but you are a little concerned about issues such as quality, quantity, casual discount, etc. We offer you the best pizza in the Vancouver! Haida sandwich has one of the best pizzas around Vancouver! Try it once, and you will understand that we do, not just claim!

Late Night Pizza in Vancouver

The clock passed midnight, and you have a pizza craving? Do not worry about open restaurants! Just go to the website of Haida sandwich and order your favorite food! It takes only a few minutes to catch the food! Food quality, besides our excellent services, made us be the best!

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“Really nice!”

” Pizzas and hot sandwiches are really nice.
You can call them 10-15 in advance so they make it ready for you once you get there, which is really nice if you’re in rush or really hungry :-). “


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“Perfect quality”

” Great pizza and sandwiches, perfect quality and price
Great customer service. I go to Haida whenever my body wants a high quality comfort food “


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“My favorite place”

“lovely place with an amazing staff. I love the veggie food there. as a vegetarian I am not a big fan of fast food restaurants but this place is on my top list to enjoy eating pizza & sub always.”


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“Pizzas are so good and quite fulfilling. First time to be hear, I liked how it goes. I will definitely come back. Having some desserts is a perfect bonus to those who have sweet tooth like me. Fresh pizza toppings.”


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Proudly serving HALAL eaters community.

It is now 8 years that we have been serving Halal eaters with the best quality halal food at the most competitive prices and large portions. Haida gained an excellent reputation among HALAL food consumers in North Vancouver and we proudly serve Halal eaters at our restaurant or they order online. 

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121 15th St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2P7

11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Every day

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If you’re looking for a quick, delicious lunch or dinner or even a late-night snack, come to Haida Pizza for the best pizza in North Vancouver. We use only the freshest meats and produce for a mouthwatering, hot pizza. Our wide-ranging menu are made-to-order and contain only the highest quality ingredients.

We are also one of the highest quality Halal pizza restaurants in Vancouver.



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