Craving For Sandwich! Here Are 5 Top Sandwich Restaurants In Vancouver

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Craving For Sandwich! Here Are 5 Top Sandwich Restaurants In Vancouver

Vancouver is an exciting place to be for gourmets. It hosts numerous tasteful restaurants, however, is most famous for wholesome and pleasing sandwiches. The town provides an exceptional choice of restaurants noteworthy for both food and air, making a number of Canada’s top fare. From fine dining and farm-to-table alternatives, discover the 5 must-try spots within our updated guide to the best restaurant in Vancouver for the sandwich.

In short, if you’re looking for the best sandwiched in Vancouver! You’ve arrived at the right place. We’ll provide you with options to choose from the top restaurants in Vancouver to have a sandwich.

Sometimes the very best food is super easy –meat or a different protein between bread. Fortunately for us, Vancouver has lots of sandwich shops to serve our taste buds.

Haida Sandwich

With its presence in Vancouver and Toronto Haida offers a palatable menu of sandwiches to your door. They are famous and most looked for delicious sandwiches and pizzas. They make it convenient for you to dine in at their place or even order your meal online by using their mobile application. You might also leverage the benefit of free utensils and free drinks when you order online and just pay for the food you ordered.

Haida also deals in delivering best in class catering experience. They have their stores at 121 15th St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2P7 and also at 15 North-town Way #21, Toronto, ON M2N 7A2.


If you’re trying to indulge in some gourmet sandwiches, then this is it. Pick from a choice of proteins: pulled pork, turkey sausage, eggplant, prawn or chicken breast to high your toasted baguette. They also have a secret sauce that you can literally die for. They have places at 859 Hornby and 420 Robson Street.

DD Mau

Get your fill of Vietnamese-style sandwiches at this sandwich store. They’re famous for their own Banh Mi sandwiches but also have some yummy noodle dishes. They have locations at 1239 Pacific Blvd and 145 East Pender.

Meat & Bread

One of the most best-selling sandwich joints at the city, they have got an ever-changing menu of delicious eateries. Their go-to is your porchetta and they always have a daily special that may be anything from pulled pork, turkey or meatball. Despite their name, they still have a vegetarian choice that also alters on a regular basis. They have locations at 625 Robson, 1033 West Pender, and 370 Cambie Street.

Sandwich Plus

This hidden gem serves some of the best sandwiches in town has to offer. Tucked away in the International Food Court at 530 Hornby Street–this place will not disappoint you with its taste and ambiance. Their claim to fame is their new turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce.

The above five are just a few among many top restaurants in Vancouver. If you know any other, then you can share it with us. After all, we too crave to take a bite of a heavenly sandwich made just to soothe our soul. 

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Mouth-watering sandwiches and pizzas in Vancouver

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About Author

Haida sandwich is one of the best sandwiches in North Vancouver and one of the best pizzas in North Vancouver as well. A Persian chain restaurant that can be said is one of the biggest in the Middle East has opened its 2nd branch in Canada in North Vancouver (first one in Toronto).

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