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Catering in Vancouver has just gotten simpler and better with Haida Catering. From formal and corporate events to parties and gatherings, Haida Catering offers top-notch catering services for every small to big occasion. Choose our convenient and fast catering service and then just relax and enjoy the happy celebration.

You will be pleasantly surprised not just by the extraordinarily delicious food that we will deliver to you, but also by our exceptionally affordable catering prices. Now, that’s what we call the ideal combination! Check out our extensive food menu to decide what you want for your party now.

Catering services in Vancouver

Catering is an industry that works in the food industry, and today is spread all over the world. Catering in Vancouver, Canada, as well as other parts of the world, continued to grow and became one of the most fundamental needs of modern societies. Today, Caterings in different types and qualities continue to work, and they serve people. Vancouver has seen many restaurants in itself; each Catering service has its own services to offer and has its individual rate for those services. Haida Catering is one of these restaurants too. But how to choose the best Catering in Vancouver, Canada, among all of them?

Best catering in Vancouver

Always finding the best is so tricky! Especially if this is the best among competitors that are serious and professional. Vancouver is full of restaurants and catering companies that offer the services professionally. But the criteria for identifying best catering in Vancouver, what could it be?

Here are some of the most important criteria for identifying the best catering in Vancouver:

1- Food quality:

There is no doubt that in choosing an excellent catering service, the first criterion is the quality of the food. Haida Catering is one of the most popular restaurants in North Vancouver that define the priority principle for quality. Haida Catering product’s quality guaranteed by using fresh and halal ingredients. Many residents choose the Haida for incomparable quality.  The food quality of the Haida Catering is one of the most apparent reasons for the popularity of this restaurant in North Vancouver.

2- Speed of service:

 In today’s world, concerning that people are so busy, speed in the delivery of services comes first. The pervasiveness of Delivery Systems is one of the most relevant results for the crucial speed in service delivery. Broadband Delivery System of Haida Catering servicing in North and West Vancouver, and it is one of the fastest Catering Delivery Systems in Canada. Enjoy the fast delivery system by ordering catering packages from the Haida Catering!

3- Respect for customer tastes:

Today diets and different food habits could be seen in multinational communities. The most important task of a successful restaurant is to respect the preferences of its customers. Haida Catering tried to consider this principle in the provision of services and support halal and veg diets by serving these two meals. Haida Catering for many customers is the best halal catering in North Vancouver!

Prices of Caterings in Vancouver

Canada caterings in Vancouver are available in different degrees and prices. There are various restaurants, from economical to the most expensive ones. We all know that if something is so cheap, there must be a reason for that! Low quality is the main result of very low prices! If somebody cares about his health, then he must pay much attention to the quality and not buy the cheapest food! Also, too expensive foods are not suitable for customer rights. Providing the best quality with the most reasonable price is what the Haida Catering has! Experience the best food quality in Haida Catering and order Haida catering packages at reasonable prices online!

Catering delivery Vancouver

The delivery system of Haida Catering, providing services in the area of North Vancouver and West Vancouver, has one of the fastest systems in the city. Our catering packages designed for parties, birthdays, Business events, etc. These packages can be ordered online. For your parties, just go to the website of Haida Catering and order your favorite package online!

Catering menu Vancouver

To see the Haida Catering menu, you have to open the relevant page in our site, Haida catering packages are designed for small parties, gatherings, Birthdays and business events, and they can be ordered entirely online. If you are looking for fresh catering in Vancouver, the Haida Catering is definitely your best choice!

Food catering Vancouver

The delivery service has two levels: one of them is the preparation of packages for big gatherings, significant events, weddings, and seminars that certain companies are responsible for carrying out this type of catering.

The second level of delivery services tries for the preparation of packages in small gatherings, little parties, and small business events.

Haida Catering designed special packages in the second level, and its Delivery System offers some services in places like North Vancouver and West Vancouver. You can visit the website of Haida; in addition to the online order of Catering services, you may also benefit from discount offers.

Sandwich catering Vancouver

The sandwich is one of the most popular foods at parties! Almost everybody loves sandwiches! Haida Catering also has its own fans! Haida catering packages with a variety of sandwiches are entirely a good choice for welcoming people at a party. Right now, you can go to the website of Haida Catering and order your favorite packages online! The right choice is right in front of you!

Burger catering Vancouver

The burger is a popular food for many people! In a friendly gathering or even in a supersensitive working lunch, the burger is a perfect choice. Burgers in Haida Catering are prepared with fresh halal ingredients; try Haida burgers to taste the difference! Just go to the website of Haida and order your favorite food online.

Pizza catering Vancouver

It could be said that the most popular food in the world is pizza! Pizza is not the one someone does not love or even hate it! Therefore, this meal is the best choice for parties and birthday celebrations! You can smoothly go to the website of Haida Catering and order your preferred pizza online! Catering packages can be ordered online on Haida website too. It is enough to let us everything, we’ll take care of the guests, and you will enjoy the party!

Small party catering Vancouver

Our catering packages for minor parties are available on Haida. Compact packages are designed for small parties and gatherings! Do not worry about provisions in your party! It is our specialty! Just go to the website of Haida Catering, order your favorite package and sit next to your guests! In the fastest time, the best reception is in your home!

Party catering Vancouver

Catering packages in Haida beside small parties and gatherings, it is suited for large parties too! We thought about everything! Considering the number of guests, you just need to order the packages online! Do not forget our discount offers and also visit our site to find out about our discount offers. We know what to do, so let us your provision!

Birthday party catering Vancouver

Birthday perhaps is the most special day of the year! Catering of Haida Catering with fast Delivery Service in North Vancouver and West Vancouver is ready to serve you! Celebrate your birthday, and stay with your friends, we will do the rest. Just go to the Haida Catering website and order your package online, then a few minutes later, we will come to celebrate your birthday with you! Happy birthday and enjoy it!

Event catering Vancouver

Business, university, or even friendly events could be a good excuse for getting together. Business events can sometimes be critical. Paying attention to detail is very important! Sometimes it’s the details that determine the fate of a large business. Therefore, the reception of these events is critical too. We know our way how to observe every detail; it is enough to order Haida catering packages online for your events and focus on other details! Everything goes to the best possible form.

Office caterings in Vancouver

Work events, which held at the offices, are significant in any way. In these events, we have to focus on the quality, speed, and accuracy of the order. Everything must go correct and on time. Order in the workplace reflects more significant and more important issues. Do not worry about anything! We take care of all the things! You just go to the website of Haida and buy your favorite package online. Speed, quality, and accuracy rest with us! Many of our customers search with phrases such as “corporate lunch catering in Vancouver” or “office lunch catering in Vancouver,” and they are our loyal customers now!

Holiday catering Vancouver

The holidays are a perfect time for gathering together! But many companies and restaurants, providing catering services, are closed during the holidays! Don’t worry! We are always with you! Do your party with an easy mind, and have you’re your only duty is to order Catering packages of Haida Catering, online!

Breakfast catering Vancouver

It does not matter at what time! Whenever you ask us, we are ready for you! Also, ask us to provide services at breakfast time! Just go to the website of Haida and order your desired package from the menu. Haida Delivery Systems in North Vancouver and West Vancouver will deliver your order as quick as possible.

Brunch catering Vancouver

Haida Catering packages are available all day. Many small gatherings and parties are held in the afternoon. It does not matter at what time whenever you want, we are next to you. Haida Catering packages can be ordered from the website of Haida, and you can receive them in the fastest time.

Lunch catering Vancouver

Our packages are available at any time of the day. Do you have some guests for lunch? An urgent meeting has happened to you? Don’t worry! We have the best food and the best quality for you. Just go to the website and order your favorite package from the Haida Catering online.

Dinner catering Vancouver

Most parties and gatherings are held at dinner time. We are ready to serve you with all the meals! It is Sufficient to select the desired package and register your order online; then, at any point in North Vancouver or West Vancouver, you will receive your meal quickly.

Persian catering Vancouver

In the multinational community of Vancouver, there are many people from Iran. We have halal food for you or anyone else who wants to order our special offers! Go to the Haida website and benefit from our discount offers. All meals in the menu of the Haida Catering prepared with quality and halal ingredients. We do the best for you!



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Have a look at our menu and check the variety and possibilities you can offer your guests.

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What People Say

A man

Michael Swanson

Yellow Rating Stars

The ingredients are generous, especially their signature sauce and lettuce, but also the meat and vegetables do not disappoint. I’m interested to see what their pizzas are like, and the new burgers they have – so I will be going back again to try more!

Smiling woman

Sanam S.

Yellow Rating Stars

I ordered their platters for my parties. I would just like to say a big thank to the manager and staff! Today most restaurants meals don’t look like their ads (neither the shape, nor the portion)! At Haida, your meal looks exactly the same they do in images!!

man on a hill

Cohen McHale-Fleming

Yellow Rating Stars

Haida catering for our staff event, and it was great!
Delicious sandwiches, and even better prices. 
A special thank you to the team, they did an excellent job ensuring our whole team was well fed after a hard day’s work. Thank you!

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People often dress to impress, here this is our motto: host to impress! so we make every effort that our food is as impressive to you and to your guests.
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We Deliver

Order your favourite pizza & sandwich catering platters for delivery in Vancouver by just a click! or on your mobile. We will deliver to your door! Haida catering Vancouver uses the most optimized ordering and delivery  system for catering that doesn’t cut corners to make sure your food will be there at your event on time.

Events & Party Catering in Vancouver

Finding a catering in Vancouver is often easy but…

A specialized menu that can help you easily manage your party or gathering can’t be found as easy as it sounds. You probably even search for catering in Vancouver many times but all results look the same. Well look no more! Haida catering in Vancouver has a proven record and a big number of happy customers who trusted Haida and let us bring food to their parties, birthdays, gatherings and ceremonies. Using Haida’s optimized online ordering for catering you can choose from a variety of options and then relax and let us do the rest of the work.

Corporate Catering in Vancouver

Corporate catering in Vancouver has come to the next level!

Many users search expressions such as “corporate lunch catering in Vancouver” and “office lunch catering in Vancouver” in Google to find a good catering company. Various large companies and restaurants around Vancouver offer catering services. But how is it possible to choose the best company or restaurant? Reviewing the CV of the restaurant and asking other customers are the most effective ways to identify and adopt the best restaurant or catering for providing services. Also, you can also decide after observing the menu of the restaurant. Visit the website of Haida Catering, and after receiving the catering menu of Haida, you may choose better!

Haida Catering offers the most affordable yet impressive way to quickly manage a corporate lunch or seminar in Vancouver. Our quick menu offers a variety of items that are ideal for any type of corporate event and it’s quality to cost ratio is the highest. Corporate lunches are a great way to promote team building and moral within a business.

School Hot Lunch

Haida Catering has the full capacity to work with North Vancouver PACs.

— We can provide lunches labeled and sorted on any given school day!
— We even send helpers to your school to help distribute food to classes.

Sandwich day can be fun! We strive to bring the freshest materials to our kids at school and also make the process as easy and litter-less as possible for the PACs. Haida is a healthy school lunch that tastes great and is good for them too.


Proudly serving halal community.

It is now 8 years that we have been serving Halal eaters with the best quality halal food at the most competitive prices and large portions.
corportae events


121 15th St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2P7

11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
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Haida Catering

If you’re looking for best catering service in Vancouver, come to Haida Catering. We use only the freshest meats and produce whether it’s for our giant party platters, tasty deli sandwiches or for our mouthwatering, hot pizzas. 

So what service do you require? Is it a special birthday party catering in Vancouver? Corporate event catering in Vancouver? or perhaps a catering service for a friendly gathering? Just relax and let Haida catering Vancouver handle the food part and you enjoy!



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