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Gearing up to host a big event soon? Let us help you out with the food! Haida Catering offers the best catering in Richmond Hill. Our delicious array of food platters, featuring everything from wraps and sandwiches to fruits and vegetables, will leave your guests impressed and craving for more! All our food offerings are prepared fresh and from the scratch.

Great food isn’t the only reason why Haida Catering is the most popular catering service provider in Richmond Hill. Haida Catering is also exceptional when it comes to convenience, affordability, and timely delivery. So, if you’re wondering which is the best catering service near me, then know that the answer is Haida Catering !

Haida Catering in the beautiful city of Richmond Hill offers an atmosphere that is perfect for family gatherings. The menu is so specialized that it can help you manage the parties or gatherings easily. It is one of the most delicious and convenient places that you can find in the city of Richmond Hill.

In this marvellous place, you and your family will be pleasantly surprised not just by the extraordinary delicious food that will be delivered to you but also by their exceptionally affordable catering prices. It can be confidently said that it’s one of the best places for family gatherings.

From marvellous appetizers to delicious main meals, the menu of Haida Catering has such various items that make every taste satisfied.

The interior decoration of this restaurant is designed for comfortableness. The cozy and peaceful atmosphere of this place makes it the correct choice for parties and small gatherings.

Call Haida Catering in North Vancouver 10 or 15 minutes in advance, so they make it ready for you once you get there. The perfect service of this restaurant makes your experience there with your family unforgettable.

Catering Services in Richmond Hill

It’s not hard to guess that you have opened this page because you wanted to find a good catering in Richmond Hill. The growth in the catering industry and the huge number of catering restaurants all over Canada and specifically in the city of Richmond Hill can surely confuse one. But in this article, we will speak about one of the best catering places that you can ever find in Richmond Hill. Haida Catering is the right choice for anybody who is looking for a catering place in Richmond Hill. Follow us thoroughly to find out why!

Best caterings in Richmond Hill

What elements make a perfect catering place? One of the main factors must be using fresh and healthy ingredients. Using fresh, healthy, and Halal ingredients, Haida Catering in Richmond Hill is a perfect choice for people who care about their health. Besides that, you can hold a party, order the food from Haida Catering, invite your friends, and be confident that all the food you are welcoming your friends with is healthy, delicious, and of perfect quality.

One of the key reasons that make the Haida franchise one of the biggest food franchises across the middle-east is that they are so sensitive about their ingredients. In this place, everybody cares about your health!

Richmond Hill Caterings for Small Parties

Spending time with friends is one of the most enjoyable times that anybody has in their lives! One of the best ways to make the party you are throwing with your friends even more enjoyable is to eat delicious food together! Haida Catering is the right answer if you are looking for a place to order affordable and delicious food for your party!

The branch of Haida Catering in Richmond Hill offers great catering services for your small parties, intimate and small ceremonies, and even business events that you are holding for your business. This way, Haida Catering can help you hold such ceremonies in the best possible way.

Event Caterings in Richmond Hill

Everybody who has some business experience knows that reaching an agreement is easier when you have invited your counterpart to spend a meal with you! Every problem can be solved easier and more sophisticatedly when two sides are eating! That’s the miracle of the food!

However, if you hold the business event not properly, it may endanger your business. So, if you are looking for some help in holding your event, you can surely count on Haida Catering. The branch of Haida Catering in Richmond Hill offers some great services that help you hold your events. Visit the Haida Catering web page right now and choose the package that fits you the best. Good luck with your business event!

Delivery caterings in Richmond Hill

The branch of Haida Catering in Richmond Hill offers one of the fastest delivery systems that can be found in the wonderful city of Richmond Hill. At any time, from your great gatherings with your family and friends to the times that you want to spend with yourself, you are just simple taps away from your food. You have to visit the website of Haida Catering, choose the food that you like and wait for our fast delivery to arrive. This would take merely a few minutes, and then, you can enjoy the great food that is brought to you!

Party caterings in Richmond Hill

Do you want to throw a small party with your family or friends? Are you worried about the food that you want to serve your guests? Don’t worry anymore! Haida Catering offers you great packages that help you hold your party. The packages are so various that make the process of making the decision very simple.

If you want to see the packages and find out which one fits you more, visit our website.

Birthday Party Caterings in Richmond Hill

Everyone’s birthday may be the best day for him or her of the year! On this beautiful day, you can use the Haida Catering packages to hold your party. By offering foods made of fresh, healthy and halal ingredients, reasonable prices, great service, and fast delivery, Haida Catering can help you hold the best birthday party that you have ever had. Type Haida Catering in your browser, visit our website, choose your package and then have the greatest party in the beautiful city of Richmond Hill. It’s this simple!

Richmond Hill Catering Menu

The catering industry has a long history anywhere globally and in the beautiful city of Richmond Hill. Because of that, finding a catering place is not a hard thing to do. The most important thing is to find a restaurant that satisfies your taste. All the items on the branch of Haida Catering in the city of Richmond Hill are made of wonderful, fresh, and healthy ingredients.

Besides the healthy and quality food that Haida Catering offers, you can choose from multiple services that Haida Catering offers and helps you hold your ceremonies, birthday parties, and business events more easily and delicately!

Visit the Haida Catering website to find out more about the menu and services that the branch Haida Catering in Richmond Hill offers.

Food Caterings in Richmond Hill

The places that offer catering services can be divided into two different groups. The first group is the high-scale one. This kind of catering service offers services to big ceremonies, weddings, and events. The second group offers food and services to small gatherings, including small ceremonies, small birthday parties, and small business events. Based on his or her specific demands, every customer chooses one of these two groups.

Holiday Caterings in Richmond Hill

Is there any better way to spend a holiday than to spend it with your loved ones? Haida Catering can help you manage your gatherings and have quality time with your families and friends. Haida Catering offers great services in the beautiful city of Richmond Hill, food of high quality, and fast delivery will make your holiday an unforgettable day.

Caterings in Richmond Hill Prices

One of the factors that make the branch of Haida Catering in Richmond Hill one of the best catering places in Richmond Hill, is the fact that the level of its prices is very reasonable. It means that after encountering the huge portions of the food provided in this place and the reasonable prices, you will leave the place in a satisfying mode. So, if you’re looking for a catering place with reasonable prices, don’t hesitate to check out the Haida Catering branch’s website in the beautiful city of Richmond Hill.

Office Caterings in Richmond Hill

The most important thing about dishes that are served for a business event is that they must be very stylish! In the branch of Haida Catering in the wonderful city of Richmond Hill, designing packages, fast delivery, and high-quality food is our profession. So, if you want to hold your business event in the best way possible, there is no doubt that you are visiting the website of the right catering! Check out our menu, order, and wait for us to deliver it in a few minutes!

Sandwich Caterings in Richmond Hill

Haida Catering is famous for its delicious sandwiches that are made of fresh and healthy ingredients. There are rare people on the earth who do not like sandwiches. Because of this fact, by ordering tasteful sandwiches of the Haida Catering Branch in the city of Richmond Hill, you can be sure that whether it’s merely you or you have thrown a party, everyone will enjoy the greatest food that has been offered to them!

Burger Caterings in Richmond Hill

You can totally throw a burger party by ordering various delicious burger items on the menu of Haida Catering in Richmond Hill. You are simply a few clicks away from holding the perfect Burger party ordering the various tasteful burger items on the menu of Haida Catering Branch in the beautiful city of Richmond Hill.

Pizza Caterings in Richmond Hill

If you want to know what a real pizza tastes like, pick up your phone, visit the Haida Catering website and order a pizza from our diverse menu that can satisfy every taste! The pizzas in the branch of Haida Catering in the wonderful city of Richmond Hill are all made with fresh ingredients and are healthy and simultaneously tasteful! Here you can experience the real taste of pizza!


Breakfast caterings in Richmond Hill

Nothing can make you start a beautiful day more than a perfect breakfast! Haida Catering Branch in the city of Richmond Hill offers various breakfast packages that you can order online. All the packages will be delivered to you in a few minutes, and you can ensure a fresh start by enjoying them!

Brunch Caterings in Richmond Hill

What about a short meal in the late hours of the morning? Haida Catering branch in the beautiful city of Richmond Hill offers that too. You can use the special discount offers that are available for brunch packages on our website.

Lunch Caterings in Richmond Hill

Haida Catering offers marvellous items related to every meal you can think of! From breakfast to brunch and lunch, you can expect the Haida Catering branch in the city of Richmond Hill to be there for you. As we have said before, the delicious dishes of Haida Catering are just a few taps away from you. Order online and enjoy it!

Dinner Caterings in Richmond Hill

Maybe you want to spend the time of dinner with yourself, and you want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of your house after spending a long and tiring day. Or maybe you want to hold a gathering and invite your family and friends over. Whether you want to be all yourself or you want to spend time with your loved ones, the branch of Haida Catering in the wonderful city of Richmond Hill offers delicious items for your dinner. Check out our website to find out more.

Persian Caterings in Richmond Hill

If you are from Iran and want to taste dishes from your home, or you are someone who wants to try some Iranian dishes, you can find what you want on the menu of the branch of Haida Catering in the beautiful city of Richmond Hill. Iranian dishes are also a perfect choice for the people who prefer to eat some Halal food for their meal. All the Iranian dishes in the branch of Haida Catering in the city of Richmond Hill are made with fresh, healthy and tasteful ingredients. So, in this place, you can be sure that you will eat marvellous and delicious foods that are healthy, halal, and tasteful.

Our Menus

Have a look at our menu and check the variety and possibilities you can offer your guests.

Haida Party Sandwich Platter

Haida Hot Sandwich Platter

Veggie Cuts Platter

Haida Wraps Platter

Cold Cut Platter

Fruit Cuts Platter

Salad Platter


What People Say

A man

Michael Swanson

Yellow Rating Stars

The ingredients are generous, especially their signature sauce and lettuce, but also the meat and vegetables do not disappoint. I’m interested to see what their pizzas are like, and the new burgers they have – so I will be going back again to try more!

Smiling woman

Sanam S.

Yellow Rating Stars

I ordered their platters for my parties. I would just like to say a big thank to the manager and staff! Today most restaurants meals don’t look like their ads (neither the shape, nor the portion)! At Haida, your meal looks exactly the same they do in images!!

man on a hill

Cohen McHale-Fleming

Yellow Rating Stars

Haida catering for our staff event, and it was great!
Delicious sandwiches, and even better prices. 
A special thank you to the team, they did an excellent job ensuring our whole team was well fed after a hard day’s work. Thank you!


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Because we look after your event so that you can relax and enjoy hosting your guests.

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And you’ll have first class meals at your fingertips for whenever you need them.
It really is ultimate convenience!

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In partnership with a select group of the best sustainable producers and suppliers we always use the freshest possible material to prepare for your catering needs in Richmond Hill.

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You can have a whole feast from $6 per person and yet impress your guests with food quality.
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Our catering menu is designed to give you variety of options so that you have the freedom of choosing whatever you think your guests will like!
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Just order online, set the time and voila! It is as quick as 1, 2, 3!
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People often dress to impress, here this is our motto: host to impress! so we make every effort that our food is as impressive to you and to your guests.
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We Deliver

Order your favorite pizza & sandwich catering platters for delivery in Richmond Hill by just a click! Or on your mobile. We will deliver to your door!

Events/Party Catering in Richmond Hill

Finding a good catering in Richmond Hill is often easy but…

A specialized menu that can help you easily manage your party or gathering can’t be found as easy as it sounds. Well look no more! Haida catering in Richmond Hill has a proven record and a big number of happy customers who trusted Haida and let us bring food to their parties, birthdays, gatherings and ceremonies. Using Haida’s easy online ordering you can choose a great number of items and then let us do the work of impressing your guests with food.

Corporate Catering in Richmond Hill

Corporate catering in Richmond Hill has come to the next level!

Haida Catering offers the most affordable yet impressive way to quickly manage a corporate lunch or seminar in Richmond Hill. Our quick menu offers a variety of items that are ideal for any type of corporate event and it’s quality to cost ratio is the highest. Corporate lunches are a great way to promote team building and moral within a business.

School Hot Lunch

Haida Catering has the full capacity to work with School PACs.

– We can provide lunches labeled and sorted on any given school day!
– We even send helpers to your school to help distribute food to classes.

Yay! Sandwich day! We strive to bring the freshest sandwiches containing healthy nutrients to our kids and make the process as easy and litter-less as possible for the PACs as well. Haida is a healthy school lunch!


Proudly serving HALAL community.

It is now 8 years that we have been serving Halal eaters with the best quality halal food at the most competitive prices and large portions.
corportae events

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Haida Catering

Looking for best catering service in Richmond Hill? come to Haida Catering. 

So what service do you require from Haida? Special birthday party catering in Richmond Hill? Corporate event catering in Richmond Hill? Or perhaps a catering service for a friendly gathering? Let us handle it and you focus on the event.