Different Types of Italian Food

Italian Food

Italy is one of the leading countries in the food industry. Varieties of tasty pasta, different types of pizzas, and specific steaks are examples of Italian cuisine. The cuisine of Italy has many unique dishes and foods due to their delicious tastes. It is worth mentioning that you can easily order delicious Italian food online. […]

Introducing Different Lasagna and Their Recipes


Lasagna is one of the most delicious dishes of the large pasta family, with a distinctive appearance. Lasagna is a broad pasta with usually grooved edges. Lasagna is usually layered, and meat and other ingredients are placed between the layers. Since this dish is originally pasta, it is considered to be an Italian food in […]

Introducing Different Fried Foods and Their Recipes

Fried Foods

Fried Foods Even if Fried Foods aren’t your first choice in fast food, you order Fried Foods from time to time over pizza and burgers. Though, some people are so fond of Fried Foods that if they do not order it as the main meal, they will eat Fried Foods as an appetizer. The fried […]

Alfredo Pasta Recipe

Alfredo Pasta

Making Alfredo Pasta is very simple, and it does not take much time. This completely Italian and, of course, the Sicilian dish is one of the most popular and pervasive Italian dishes. This pasta has a simple recipe, although different changes over time have accompanied it, and it is being cooked in a variety of […]